About URC

The Utility Report Cards (URC) is a web-based Energy Information System that reports and graphs monthly utility data for schools. The program was developed and prototyped using Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) utility data. Each month, a web-based report is automatically generated and emailed to school principals and staff to compare their school's electricity usage (energy efficiency) and to identify schools with high energy consumption for further investigation. The easy-to-use web-style report includes links to (1) drill-down into further meter details, (2) show graphs for 12-month comparison to prior-year data, (3) filter the data to show selected schools, and (4) re-sort the data to rank schools based on the data selected.

The URC is also intended for teachers and students to use as an instructional tool to learn about school energy use as a complement the energy education materials available through the U.S. Department of Energy's EnergySmart Schools program (ESS).